The count down has begun....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

If only...

As we get closer to our wedding date which is now now less than 10 months away, I wonder if we are 'settling'.

For you see, one of the things that Sharine and I have in common is our love of the ocean, the open sea, cruising, and just sitting by the calm nature of water. We often spend our time together gazing over the Hudson River when we are down by Christopher Street, or relaxing by Chelsea Piers. We have also spent plenty of relaxing moments by the East River at such places like the South Street Seaport; moments that have been both quiet, and full of energetic conversations.

If only all good dreams could come true.....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

She WAS a beautiful bride untilll...

As I began this little wedding planning journey I also began to enjoy looking at pictures of real weddings. From the decor, to the cake, from the bridesmaids dresses to the bouquets, there are just so many beautiful things to see. However, I have also come to realize that there is one little pet peeve, irritant or annoyance that I have and that is seeing a bride in her formal gown with nothing but these 'tats' not only making my eyes focus on them, but taking away from the beauty of it all!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Shady Business

Where do I begin...

Back in October 09, Sha and I came across a quaint little tea house down on Irving Place in Manhattan. We had scheduled a visit, then a tasting, and then we began to plan a wedding there. Our first step was to fine tune all the details of what we wanted so that the general manager could put together our contract and we could then leave a deposit and 'seal the deal' so to speak. So after several emails back and forth  our choices were made and the general manager said he would have our contract ready in the following week after he came back from his travels. That was November 11, 2009.

A full month would go by with no contract, no email, no phone call, no nothing. So on Dec 10th I sent my own follow-up email and to my surprise I received a reply about 10 minutes later. In the response he stated that he was "just looking over a few weddings for 2010 and making myself a note to start the terms of agreement for you". Huh!!? what!?!?!? Now a month prior he was suppose to be starting the contract, so how was he JUST doing it now!??!

So always being one to try and give people the benefit of the doubt (thanks to my lovely soon to be wife lol), I sent a thank you reply and waited as the days on the calendar rolled by.....

December 2009...
January 2009...
February 2010.. (umm, Houston? do we have a problem?!?!?)
March 2010... (so of course we are looking into OTHER venues by this time)
April 2010... (booked a different venue)
May 2010...
June 2010...
July 2010...

.......................July 16th, 2010 WTF!?!??!! You gotta be kidding me?!?!? where's the hidden camera!?!?!?

Greetings again from The Inn,

I hope you are both having a wonderful summer. I wanted to check back in and see if you wish to confirm your hold on October 10th. I am starting to get additional inquiries for other events and it is now time to proceed forward with the "terms of agreement." I look forward to hearing from you.




So I'm sitting at my computer, mouth gaping open, eyes wide, and clicking forward so that I can send this madness to Sharine. The brain is trying to register this mess and at the same time I'm wondering how should I respond, if I should respond, if I do respond should I let him have it, should I tell him where to stick it! I am at a loss for words initially but a few days later it flows easily....


This email has certainly come as a total shock. After never receiving the terms of agreement from you and then no response to our emails we quite frankly were very disappointed and wrote you and this establishment off. We will admit we loved the quaintness of the inn, the tasting, and the staff that we met but the turn of events left a bitter taste in our mouths and we moved on.

Below is the very last email we received from you which was in December. Please fell free to go forth with new inquires for our date.

We wish you well.

Dana & Sharine


Monday, July 12, 2010

Am I A Color Whore!?!?


I know weddings are suppose to be romantic, and sweet, and sentimental...but does that have to equal bland? We are getting married in the spring and usually you see lots of pinks, yellows, light greens, and a variety of pastels; bland, bland, bland....

I see myself running in the total opposite direction. Can you say 'POP'!?!?!?!? That's what I think wedding colors should represent. I mean it's a festive occasion with lots of smiles, laughter and hopefully a whopping good time. So even though we are having a hard time finding what we we want in our colors of purple, orange & fuchsia... I know that when we do our wedding decor will read WOW!...and that's alright with me!