The count down has begun....

Monday, June 28, 2010

Wedding Planning Blues

Things have slowed down tremendously in the world of wedding planning. I remember when Sha and I seemed to be caught up in the world wind of planning and every time we turned around there was a venue to visit, some food to taste, inquiry emails to send and wedding vendors to meet. Now a days it's just quiet.

Now don't get me wrong I am so glad we found our venue which took us months to do, however it seems that once that was completed everything else just feel right into place. So now at the 10 month mark most of the big things are done:

Booked Venue/Catering
Booked Photography
Booked DJ
Booked Officiant
Found wedding gowns; didn't order yet
Purchased both our wedding bands
Booked Make-Up Artist
Found Florist; haven't finalized order yet

So now we focus on the smaller items and for some reason this is what has caused our turtle like movements. Things like selecting invites, choosing centerpieces, deciding on favors, etc... have become a big bore. Actually no, it has become more like a big chore.
I didn't like chores as a kid so of course I a not too thrilled about them now!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bridal Diapers: A New Trend?

                                        Please say it isn't so!!!!

Now ladies. There are a lot of things I would do for my wedding, but this!?!?

How do you spell GROSS?.... bridal diapers!

Bridal Diapers: A New Trend?  <-----click link for details

Sunday, June 20, 2010

That Ohhh So Frightening Make-Up Trial

BEFORE                                                                       BEFORE

On Friday Sha and I had our first make-up trial with a make-up artist who normally works with clients for their head shots that her photographer husband shoots. One of the reasons why we chose to give her a try was because we just fell in love with her husbands personality during our consultation with him back in April when we hired him as our photographer. We also had an opportunity to see her work via the head shot photos on their website and we loved how 'natural' her clients still looked. Our goal was to not look alien, but enhanced. So here we are....

... enhanced.




Monday, June 14, 2010

Wedding Planning a la/ World Wide Web

As I sat adding email addresses to my online wedding organizer I wondered 'how in the heck was this done pre world wide web'. You see once I had the email addresses added all I needed to do was hit 'start' and then a pre-made note was generated that could be sent to guest requesting their mailing addresses. Of course the note was a little too generic so with a few word changes and the stroke of a key on the word 'next', all of our guest received their mailing addy request. No phone calls, no voice mails, no leaving messages with others (I bet you can tell I'm really not a phone person lol)... but just one stroke of a key and it was done.

Five minutes later we received our first response and my immediate thought was how cool is this!! I am so glad I am wedding planning in the age of modern technology:

* online wedding planning guides
* online wedding forums to exchange information with other planning brides (love it!!)
* online budget planner (hope we can stick to it)
* online checklist & appointment tracker (essential)
* online guest list

* online invites (we're not going that far)
* online seating charts (nice!!)
* online RSVPs (right up my alley)
* online wedding website for the couple to give details of their ceremony/reception
* online wedding shopping from gowns, to shoes, to veils, to under garments
* online wedding blogs (*smile*)
.....and so so so much more!

What makes this age of world wide web wedding planning even sweeter is that all this is FREE!!!!
I am loving every bit of it.

Although I don't use all of these sites, here are a few for those future brides out there:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

David's Bridal.. Part Deux!

So we took a trip to David's Bridal once again but this time to the one out in Brooklyn, NY. Wow, what a difference a borough makes!

While there we waited several minutes for someone to greet us and ask how we could be helped (no one was at the guest table) and finally when someone did come out it was several more minutes before we were seen. Not too bad, but considering the place looked like a ghost town I kind of wondered what was the hold up.

At any rate, the assistant we did receive left A LOT to be desired. She found the dress I came to try on, walked us to a dressing room, handed the dress to Sha and walked away. Ummm... isn't it her job to HELP the customer!?!? What if Sha wasn't with me, who would have helped me dress?!?!? Now mind you after getting much better service at the DB in Manhattan and an assistant who dressed me, that was my expectation for my visit here. NOPE!

So before she could get any where I asked Sha to ask her for the bustier (assistant at the Manhattan DB had put one on me at that fitting) and although she did get it for us, it was all she did. Ummm. So I try on the dress which is too small and I ask for the next size. After a few minutes of her disappearing she comes back and says "we don't have a size 20 here's a 22 to try". As Sha once again is helping me to get dressed we both realized right away that this gown is way to big. Not so much because a size 22 is bigger than the size 20 I had asked for, but maybe because Ms. 'Bright' assistant had given me a TWENTY FOUR!!!

She then has the nerve to come back and say, "oh that's too big you will need a 22". Huh?!?! what?!?!? .. so you mean she KNEW it was a 24 and not the 22 she said it was!?!? Sha got me the heck out of that gown and we were about to be out of there. Of course as we strolled out we couldn't help but look through the racks of gowns and so on our way out we got a lovely surprise....

.... a size 20 gown smiling and waving "ya'll come back now, ya hear".

I guess SHE didn't have a size 20 for me to try on but the rack did!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bridal Debate -- Would You Wear a Red Dress on Your Wedding Day?

Although traditional isn't so 'traditional' any more....
.......and we all know there ain't nothing traditional about my upcoming nuptials, I still can't see myself in a wedding gown of my favorite color; purple. That thought immediately leads me to a vision of Baby Bop all grown up in a wedding dress & veil!

This doesn't mean I will be in the virginal white (let's not go there people), but even as unconventional as my wedding may be there is still a tiny bit of that girlie girl inside me that envisions a 'traditional' bride look.

Only time will tell.....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two Brides Can...

Well of course as we've been planning our wedding many kinds of thoughts have gone through my mind. Once of which includes the fact that as two brides Sha and I have never really encountered any problems (ie: homophobia, bigotry, etc..) That got me to thinking that there are actually 'perks' to being two brides that most heterosexual women planning a wedding will never experience. Follow me :::

Two brides can..... have someone else to talk about their wedding with from sun up to sun down.

Two brides can..... go wedding gown shopping without the stress of deciding which best friend to invite.

Two brides can..... surf online for wedding resources without the other half of the couple become completely bored.

Two brides can..... look through tons of wedding magazines and have someone to compare notes with.

Two brides can..... join wedding blogs & forums and then discuss the information and things others post.

Two brides can..... go from one venue right to the next and not feel like a break is needed.

Two brides can..... have a food, cake, etc.. tasting and not think our mate is gonna think we just a stone cold pig.

Two brides can..... attend wedding expos without the other feeling like they're missing a game some where.

Two brides can..... enjoy reading vendor, photographers, florist etc... contracts and both read the fine print.

Two brides can..... write a check for something wedding related, and not wonder if we should have gotten the car fixed instead.

Two brides can..... hire a photographer just because we like him, & not wonder if we should have been more concerned about the price.

Two brides can..... try on each others prospective wedding gowns.

Two brides can..... stress over wedding invitations together.

Two brides can..... like the same veil, gown, shoes, bouquet, garter, etc...without any suspicions.

Two brides can..... change their wedding colors (several times) without the other person rolling their eyes.

Two brides can..... start a wedding blog, website etc.. and discuss what two brides can!

(*disclaimer::: I'm not saying all of these things happen to every same sex female couple planning a wedding, and in fact I am sure there is plenty I've left out. I'm just saying though.... lol)