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Monday, June 28, 2010

Wedding Planning Blues

Things have slowed down tremendously in the world of wedding planning. I remember when Sha and I seemed to be caught up in the world wind of planning and every time we turned around there was a venue to visit, some food to taste, inquiry emails to send and wedding vendors to meet. Now a days it's just quiet.

Now don't get me wrong I am so glad we found our venue which took us months to do, however it seems that once that was completed everything else just feel right into place. So now at the 10 month mark most of the big things are done:

Booked Venue/Catering
Booked Photography
Booked DJ
Booked Officiant
Found wedding gowns; didn't order yet
Purchased both our wedding bands
Booked Make-Up Artist
Found Florist; haven't finalized order yet

So now we focus on the smaller items and for some reason this is what has caused our turtle like movements. Things like selecting invites, choosing centerpieces, deciding on favors, etc... have become a big bore. Actually no, it has become more like a big chore.
I didn't like chores as a kid so of course I a not too thrilled about them now!

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