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Thursday, June 10, 2010

David's Bridal.. Part Deux!

So we took a trip to David's Bridal once again but this time to the one out in Brooklyn, NY. Wow, what a difference a borough makes!

While there we waited several minutes for someone to greet us and ask how we could be helped (no one was at the guest table) and finally when someone did come out it was several more minutes before we were seen. Not too bad, but considering the place looked like a ghost town I kind of wondered what was the hold up.

At any rate, the assistant we did receive left A LOT to be desired. She found the dress I came to try on, walked us to a dressing room, handed the dress to Sha and walked away. Ummm... isn't it her job to HELP the customer!?!? What if Sha wasn't with me, who would have helped me dress?!?!? Now mind you after getting much better service at the DB in Manhattan and an assistant who dressed me, that was my expectation for my visit here. NOPE!

So before she could get any where I asked Sha to ask her for the bustier (assistant at the Manhattan DB had put one on me at that fitting) and although she did get it for us, it was all she did. Ummm. So I try on the dress which is too small and I ask for the next size. After a few minutes of her disappearing she comes back and says "we don't have a size 20 here's a 22 to try". As Sha once again is helping me to get dressed we both realized right away that this gown is way to big. Not so much because a size 22 is bigger than the size 20 I had asked for, but maybe because Ms. 'Bright' assistant had given me a TWENTY FOUR!!!

She then has the nerve to come back and say, "oh that's too big you will need a 22". Huh?!?! what?!?!? .. so you mean she KNEW it was a 24 and not the 22 she said it was!?!? Sha got me the heck out of that gown and we were about to be out of there. Of course as we strolled out we couldn't help but look through the racks of gowns and so on our way out we got a lovely surprise....

.... a size 20 gown smiling and waving "ya'll come back now, ya hear".

I guess SHE didn't have a size 20 for me to try on but the rack did!

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