The count down has begun....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wedding challenges and beyond....

Although there are many challenges and setbacks when planning a wedding I always hold on to the fact that things can be so much worse and I try to stay optimistic. It's very similar to how I live my every day life.

Being upset, down and defeated is so much easier than thinking of another way to go about things, trying something different and admitting that perhaps it was not in the cards. Now that is the real challenge and there is nothing wrong with challenging yourself. In fact, the mind, body and soul needs that to stay fresh, vibrant, healthy and smart!

Challenges are especially hard when you beat yourself up over things you cannot control. So in essence, I've stopped stressing over things I can not control. After all, if it's not controlled by me, why should I own it... especially when it's negativity.

Right now things are relatively quiet with a little over 7 months to go but as we go about planning our special day in July there are things that still need to be thought about, decided and paid for (yikes!).

Today I came across a most interesting wedding and it just made me realize that our challenges are merely a speck on the wall that nobody notices as they pass through the halls of life....

Please check out:
A Wheelie Special Wedding

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Social Media & Gay-Wedding Planning

An interesting article (link below).

Family Meeting :  How social media has changed the face of gay-wedding planning.
Like with most things it really depends upon the type of person you are and whether or not having family support means the world to you, or very little to you since you are going to be you no matter what.

I tend to lean towards the later, and always have.....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Traditions, from the untraditional....

As a couple who is nontraditional, having a nontraditional wedding, and wanting to make it unique in some nontraditional's hard to stay away from some of the traditions that come with weddings. Confused yet? are

If I were to sit here and type out the many ways this wedding has changed, I would be in front of my computer for at least 2 days. It's now December and we are a little more than 7 months out with several things still not confirmed. In a way it's been hard to narrow things down since the cruise line takes care a lot of the larger details, but the small ones are what's sticking me like thorns on a rose.

Although I know the bigger picture of the wedding with remain the same (we are 100% doing it on a cruise ship), I have a feeling the smaller details will go through another transformation and so I sit here with baited breath............

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