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Monday, February 21, 2011

STDs (The Fun Kind!)

As a DIY (do it yourself) novice I decided to try and save a buck by creating our own STDs (save-the-dates) for our wedding. Sharine and I had been researching STDs long before we had definite plans of our wedding and we realized that there was just so much to choose from, plus nothing came cheap once you said 'wedding'. We also realized that our cheapest route would be either an online printing company like (,, etc...) or a DIY project by using materials from places like,,, etc..). This realization made it easy for me to at least TRY a DIY project and with the help of, and some materials from a paper store I believe we were successful.

After all, we all know that eventually STDs, invitations, thank you cards etc... all end up in one place no matter how much the sender spent.

In the garbage! lol

Save-the-Date Photo Magnet
- I designed these at, it's a wonderful site where you can create all kind of things and use your own photos and personal touches.
- The envelopes we purchased at a paper store in Manhattan
- The ribbon is good ole' fashion curly ribbon

The Full Packet
- We included the STD magnet, and a note
- The note was a poem I made up for the occasion

Return Address Labels
- We had some clear address labels already (from staples) so I just added a heart to it.

Putting It All Together
- Sha and I prepare each packet for mailing