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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two Brides Can...

Well of course as we've been planning our wedding many kinds of thoughts have gone through my mind. Once of which includes the fact that as two brides Sha and I have never really encountered any problems (ie: homophobia, bigotry, etc..) That got me to thinking that there are actually 'perks' to being two brides that most heterosexual women planning a wedding will never experience. Follow me :::

Two brides can..... have someone else to talk about their wedding with from sun up to sun down.

Two brides can..... go wedding gown shopping without the stress of deciding which best friend to invite.

Two brides can..... surf online for wedding resources without the other half of the couple become completely bored.

Two brides can..... look through tons of wedding magazines and have someone to compare notes with.

Two brides can..... join wedding blogs & forums and then discuss the information and things others post.

Two brides can..... go from one venue right to the next and not feel like a break is needed.

Two brides can..... have a food, cake, etc.. tasting and not think our mate is gonna think we just a stone cold pig.

Two brides can..... attend wedding expos without the other feeling like they're missing a game some where.

Two brides can..... enjoy reading vendor, photographers, florist etc... contracts and both read the fine print.

Two brides can..... write a check for something wedding related, and not wonder if we should have gotten the car fixed instead.

Two brides can..... hire a photographer just because we like him, & not wonder if we should have been more concerned about the price.

Two brides can..... try on each others prospective wedding gowns.

Two brides can..... stress over wedding invitations together.

Two brides can..... like the same veil, gown, shoes, bouquet, garter, etc...without any suspicions.

Two brides can..... change their wedding colors (several times) without the other person rolling their eyes.

Two brides can..... start a wedding blog, website etc.. and discuss what two brides can!

(*disclaimer::: I'm not saying all of these things happen to every same sex female couple planning a wedding, and in fact I am sure there is plenty I've left out. I'm just saying though.... lol)


  1. very nice Dana I never thought of it like that :) I am so happy for you guys.

  2. Well said, Dana. I agree 100% on all of the above. I know...You're shocked, right? :D