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Monday, June 14, 2010

Wedding Planning a la/ World Wide Web

As I sat adding email addresses to my online wedding organizer I wondered 'how in the heck was this done pre world wide web'. You see once I had the email addresses added all I needed to do was hit 'start' and then a pre-made note was generated that could be sent to guest requesting their mailing addresses. Of course the note was a little too generic so with a few word changes and the stroke of a key on the word 'next', all of our guest received their mailing addy request. No phone calls, no voice mails, no leaving messages with others (I bet you can tell I'm really not a phone person lol)... but just one stroke of a key and it was done.

Five minutes later we received our first response and my immediate thought was how cool is this!! I am so glad I am wedding planning in the age of modern technology:

* online wedding planning guides
* online wedding forums to exchange information with other planning brides (love it!!)
* online budget planner (hope we can stick to it)
* online checklist & appointment tracker (essential)
* online guest list

* online invites (we're not going that far)
* online seating charts (nice!!)
* online RSVPs (right up my alley)
* online wedding website for the couple to give details of their ceremony/reception
* online wedding shopping from gowns, to shoes, to veils, to under garments
* online wedding blogs (*smile*)
.....and so so so much more!

What makes this age of world wide web wedding planning even sweeter is that all this is FREE!!!!
I am loving every bit of it.

Although I don't use all of these sites, here are a few for those future brides out there:

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  1. Thanks Dana for being persistent. I am IN and now you cannot get rid of me.

    Thanks for the resources. I will certainly use them while I am on my slow path to my July 26, 2012 evening wedding :).