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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lucky us.... I think!

For our wedding we are only having one bridesmaids which is our almost 14 year old, and one groomsman....our son who will be 21 by then. On the day we shopped for our wedding gowns we also had the opportunity for our girl child to try on dresses just to get an idea of what might look good on her. We will not be purchasing until closer to our July date since her size has changed and we have no idea what size she will be by then.

More than likely we will go back to David's Bridal in May. We will also have the option of finding her dress in a variety of stores since it will be prom season. Of course being the girl that she is, she has threaten to wear sneakers, and declares herself a tomboy... NOT if you be trying to show cleavage?!? Somebody get her a dictionary please.

At any rate, it was with great pleasure that she actually wanted to try on dresses (which is the good news), but of course there has to be bad news and now we are going to have to declare war on her not trying to choose some hot chick dress. Contrary to what she believes, the theme of our wedding is not hoochie!! lol

Here's what she tried on....
......can you guess which was her favorite!?!?

All in all, we are pretty lucky though since we only have to dress one female and I've read plenty of bridesmaids wedding shopping horror stories. I hope we stay this way!

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