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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Three Times The Charm!

On the last day of 2010 and the day before a new year was to begin, Sha and I began another adventure of wedding dress shopping. This would be our 5th time out and our last as our goal was to purchase and not just window shop. So for the third time we ventured over to David's Bridal determined to find 'thee' one. We had been to David's Bridal twice before, once to the Manhattan store and once to the Brooklyn store, and although we saw a few that we liked we hadn't made any final decisions. This time though, we were not leaving empty handed and in fact we didn't. We are now just waiting for our attire to be shipped and in about two months our outfits will be hanging patiently in our closets.

Here is some of the fun we had and some of the dresses we liked and disliked.....

Sha's try-ons:::

Dai's try-ons:::

In all the excitement neither myself, Sha or our daughter thought to take a picture of Sha in her 'chosen' one. Speaking  for myself I just know that I was so awestruck by my lovely bride to be that all I could do was say 'wow', and I total forgot to take a picture. As for my 'chosen' one, although we do have a few pictures I am opting not to add them here so that there is some element of "awww" on our big day for family and friends.


  1. "I was so awestruck by my lovely bride to be that all I could do was say 'wow'"
    *sniff* That right there tells me she picked the absolute best choice. After all, the person she's going to marry is the only opinion that really matters at the end of the day (though we all hope everyone else has the wow as well)

  2. I hate the fact that when someone post to my blog I don't receive an email. I'm just seeing this now and Shannon you are so right! It is actually the reason why I picked the dress I did. It was not my favorite but when I saw Sha's face the moment I stepped out the dressing room, priceless....