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Monday, March 7, 2011

I've Got The Music In Me ...not.

Okay so now we're at another cross road in the 'Saga of the Cruise Ship Wedding'.

As you know, or maybe you don't because it's your first time here, a cruise ship wedding is pretty much that; a cruise ship wedding. In other words, a lot of what can and can not take place or be done is dictated by the cruise ship. Case in

There are two choices.. to DJ or not to DJ. You can hire only their DJ and ONLY if you do a cocktail reception and not a sit down lunch reception. So in order to have music at your reception your hand is basically forced to book the cocktail reception.

Now of course if your into sitting at a table for 2 hours and not really having any space to move around and mingle, then the lunch reception is just for you. Since their lunch receptions are sit down they are held in one of the two main dinning rooms ie: no dance floor. As for the cocktail reception, they are held in one of their night clubs or lounges and the one you get is at their discretion again. Here there is a dance floor but no dinner tables. Almost sounds like you can't win for losing! lol

At any rate, we're not stuffy sit down folk and I know I am to ADHD to be sitting in one spot for two hours so we booked the cocktail reception. This selection now brings us to our current state of dilemmas. We can either hire their DJ for one hour at the rate of $$$$$$$$$$ or two hours at the rate of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. If not, they do have a sound tech for $$$$$$ who will play the music you bring.

God forbid you press play on their equipment yourself!

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  1. So I guess you have to book for a cocktail, in that case,. Wedding's always expensive...but worth it ..for couples who cherished their love for each other.

    dexxus.. :-)