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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shoes, glorious Shoes.

Geesh...why are a good pair of shoes so hard to find?!?!
I mean is it to much to ask that we don't want them high, but not low.
That we don't want our toes completely out, but not completely covered either.
That they need not be too flexible, yet not too stiff.
Or maybe it's the price range, I mean we don't want to pay the cost of rent nor do we expect to only pay the cost of a stick of gum.
But Geesh....why are a good pair of shoes so hard to find.....for Sharine that is!
I lucked out with my shoe search a few weeks ago so here's a sneak peek, BUT.......

.......... they look 'different' now that I own them! *sly smile*

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