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Sunday, September 26, 2010

How RUDE!!

I often find people amazing, especially those in the business of working with other people. Now maybe it's just me, but how can someone 'pretend' to be so nice, helpful, caring and understanding and then all of a sudden be so cold.

Here's what happened:

Sha and I were given a florist recommendation and with supposedly no obligation, we met with the woman to see her work and talk about our vision for the wedding. After this initial meeting we continued to corresponded via email with thoughts and ideas. It looked like this would be the florist for us and all we needed to do was finalize what we wanted. However, a turn of events took place and we decided not to have the wedding at our original location. This change also meant that we would not need a florist so we let our contact know this and thanked her for the correspondence.

Now mind you, no contract was signed, no deposit was made and we were a little less than a year away from our event. So why with no obligation in place hasn't the florist replied to our email (it's been almost a month now) even if just to say 'okay'. Ummmm.

She seemed to have had no trouble emailing us when she thought she was getting our business/MONEY. It was all professional then.

I don't know, I guess even if someone decided not to use my service I would still maintain professionalism and at least reply to their final email.

Again, I guess that's just me....

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