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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Biggest Obstacle

A lot of money...

Well with a change in our wedding plans comes the concerns that cruising would be to much money for guest. Now we will admit, anything these days would probably seem like a lot of money in this financial climate. However, if someone is planning to travel for a week already then it's really a bargain.

First and foremost the cost of a cruise includes ALL meals, entertainment, and on board activities. Most other vacations only include the cost of travel (flying, Amtrak, etc..) and the hotel stay. Unless your at an all inclusive resort, the meals are never included. Secondly, one of the best things a budget traveler like ourselves can have is something with a payment plan, and cruising allows that when you book so far in advance like we have. Lastly, cruising usually allows you to visit more than one place in a weeks time and that's not a bad a deal for those who don't have the opportunity to travel much.

Currently, the cheapest cabin rate for our wedding cruise requires a $250 per person deposit but when mapped out can be paid in full by the April 30th 2011 due date at just $99 a month if starting payments in October (or $49.50 every two weeks if you really want to break it down). Nevertheless, there is also the option of depositing now, and paying the full balance when the tax return comes rolling in! lol
Of course if you are paying for more than just yourself (ex: $198 a month for two) it can pricey, but that is with any 7 day vacation. Even going to visit granny down south for a week doesn't come cheap these days!
I guess we look at it this way, we can easily spend $99 on crap we have nothing to show for during a months time, so why not spend it on a vacation with lasting memories!


  1. I hear you on that. I have started looking at trip planning and the like in that same way, I rather see my big picture than have a bunch of crap hanging around that I don't need. My Mr. has taught me a lot about money.

  2. I never use to travel unless I was visiting family for a week or so, and to be honest that is really not much of a vacation lol. I finally realized two things:

    1. If you plan in advance most anything is doable.

    2. I was wasting money on crap and when all was said & done I couldn't see where the money had gone.

    So I decided to live better by seeing all that I can before I leave this earth. Even if it's only a minute portion of this world, some is better than none!