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Saturday, September 4, 2010


We're Cruising Into Marriage!!

So I'm feeling all warm and tingly inside.

In the last two weeks we have gotten confirmation on our wedding booking, and we have booked our cabin with a deposit. It's all feeling real-er, than real!!!

Now this kind of wedding is not for the control freak, the gal that needs to have her hand in every pot, or the bride to be with her finger on speed dial. A cruise ship wedding is set up by the cruise lines' wedding company that they out source to and everything is taken care of by your wedding consultant prior to the day of your wedding. So over the next 11 months our job is just to fill out the forms, send the emails and call the consultants when we want to add features or cancel them all together. Then on the day of the wedding we will work with the ships wedding coordinator to finalize and then take that loving walk down the aisle to marriage.

Although Sha and I started out planning a more traditional affair we realize that even if we have to put our wedding in the hands of consultants & coordinators, ultimately a cruise ship wedding is the wedding that says:

' Dana & Sharine '

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