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Monday, May 30, 2011

2 Months; to the Day!

I can't believe we are two months to the day until our wedding and our wedding planning journey has almost come to an end. There has been LOTS going on even though I haven't blogged about it. Some are very small things that ad up to a lot, while others are being kept under wraps because they are still in the workings.

One of the more interesting things, at least from my perspective is the whole RSVP issue. I had read so many stories of how that is the least favorite part of wedding planning, very close to the horror of making a seating chart from what I read, but I still went into with an open mind and an open heart as I know life is busy and sometimes people do forget. Of course, reading these articles made me say to myself 'it can't be that difficult', 'these people must be exaggerating', and 'no one is that forgetful'....but in the end I had to join the majority as it was a horror story in some cases, but just like with life....we got through.

The other interested thing that has come out of this planning so far is seeing how this type of planning CAN add to a relationship both good, and not so good feelings. Good feelings as far as coming to a mutual understanding whether it be in choosing a venue, colors, a menu etc... and bad feelings as far struggling to decide who you can and can not invite due to money constraints. As I do always try to see the good, it does make us realize that we have some awesome people in our lives who do wish to be there in love and in support. For that we are thankful.

My last thought about planning thus far is more in reference to 'how' we are doing this. Wedding planning being stressful enough we had the nerve enough to take on the challenge of not only traveling right after, as in the same day, but invite those we love to join. In the beginning this didn't seem like a challenge at all, we were sooooooooooo HAPPY about the idea of cruising as a group and having some of what we thought would be the most fun with the best laughs. Most people know we can really be social butterflies when we want to be.

Now though, I realize that my idea of fun is not everyone else's. Sha and I have always been the type to go in with a positive attitude, find our own fun and if things weren't up to our speed make it such that we enjoy it because in truth we are blessed. We both come from a place that if we followed in the footsteps of those who have come before us we would never go any where, never experience anything new, and have no great stories to tell. So we are looking forward to some summer time fun, especially deserved after two years of wedding planning with no vacation in between.

Now me personally, I do find it important to yes plan for the future, but also to live in the now. As a society we are so fixated on the 'next' that we often forget the 'now'. Heck just take a look at modern technology, the emphasis we place on it in our lives and how we react to it when something new comes along. I don't ever want to miss anything because I'm so busy looking for the 'next' best thing. For life is to short and if I preoccupy myself with the next, I may miss the blessings that are right in front of me. So as they say, I'm stopping to 'smell the roses'.

So with only two months to go I am not only busy with planning, but I am feeling happy, reflective, and blessed.

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  1. How sweet. Those monkeys looked good together. Know what love can do.

    Marriage life is a complicated thing. Hard to handle and it's does give us a lot of headache and pains but worth it if you both understand each other.

    Jane :-)

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