The count down has begun....

Monday, May 3, 2010

....and our colors are....

So after about almost 9 months we have finally settled on our colors. Although we had many color combos in mind we were never set on any particular colors because we had no venue. It was very important for us to know what our 'space' was going to look like before setting colors in stone. In a way, I'm glad we both felt that way. For you see although neither of us would have ever thought we'd be using ORANGE in our wedding, we are. How that came about was basically by default. Our newly renovated venue has orang-ish/coral-ish/gold-ish chairs, so in order to not have an added expensive of chair covers we decided to incorporate the orange in our wedding color scheme. So basically:

sage (Sha's favorite color is green) + lilac (my favorite color is purple) + orange (venue chair color) = Dana & Sharine's Wedding Colors!

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