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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Invitation-ly Challenged

Why does it seem that the things that should be the least trivial turn out to be the most trivial?!?! Yesterday we decided to check out Michael's again, it's a big craft store for those who don't know, since there is a semi new one that opened up in the city. We didn't really have any high hopes about the trip because when we went the first time the invitations they had really left a lot to be desired and the thought of making them ourselves had past. Well even though this time was much better, just in the sense that they had a lot more choices, we still did not fair well at all.

At first nothing was in our colors. Then when we did see one, it was just ugly. So yes Michaels' does have inexpensive invites but only if cheesy is your cup of tea. Now on the other hand if you've got that 'crafty' eye then Michael's is the place where your creative juices can flooooowwww. They have so many tools for card making, scrap booking, wood working, painting etc.. and so creating an invitation from their tools of the trade should be easy if this is your talent.

Since this talent is not ours we were just lost in the sauce as we looked through rows of papers, stamps, embellishments etc... It was at that precise moment I realized: this invitation search is becoming my achilles heel. You see prior to this trip I had been searching online for that 'perfect' invitation. From the websites of online sellers, to invitation you design sites, to the place an order and DIY printing websites, I feel like I've seen it all.

A while back we engaged in some 'premature' shopping and ordered a save-the-date and invitation sample. Even though we liked it we really hadn't settled on our colors, a theme, our flowers etc... so we ended up not going with those because they don't match what we eventually did settle on. Now for me, that doesn't really matter as I think these are purely things that people won't really care about & they will be come garbage as soon as they return from our wedding. Sha however, has the gift of stylishness, and a flair for what looks good and so even though we differ in this capacity there is no way we are going to end up with anything tacky. At least not tacky to us.

All this to say.... why does THIS part of our wedding preparation have to be so time consuming, mind boggling, and difficult!?!? After all, isn't it just a molehill?!?!


  1. awww, I'm sad that you think that Michaels invitations are cheesy! :( That's where I got my boxed sets from and I love them!! Some were cheesy and tacky, yes, but not all of them. I think ours are nice and will turn out nice. I'm sorry your experience isn't the same as mine. Bummer!!

    Keep looking for the right invitation!! You'll find one. I stumbled across mine quite by accident and it was a good fit for me. You'll get there!!

  2. I think the key isn't just in finding the right "paper" but in having that style and flair that make it truly great. I could take the most gorgeous invitations out there, if left blank, and turn them into a hot mess in no time. So Elizabeth Nicole, I'm sure it wasn't meant to put down what could be great.

  3. Invitations are wonderful & awful all at once. My fiance and I went back and forth over them, and my frustration level got pretty high for awhile there - I'm making them, and we finally came up with something that we both liked and fit our style and set the "theme" for our day and was in our budget and was in my ability to make (that's a LOT of "ands" which really explains the frustration).

    It takes time, but you'll find the perfect invites. Good luck!