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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wedding Gown Shopping... Day 1

So yesterday after work the future wife and I were trying to decide how to spend such a lovely evening together. Somehow we ended up in RK Bridal and that's where the story begins.....

As we walked into RK Bridal I thought my knees would begin to shake and my stomach would do a flop (see previous blog) but I was actually calm, cool & collected. We stopped by the bridal shop which is not far from Sha's job just to see what the place looked like and to make an appointment. Lo and behold no appointment was needed and we ended up trying on dresses for the very first time.

Their policy is such that for a first visit you can sign in and the next available assistant will call you. Meanwhile they ask you to find 5 dresses you would like to try on while you're waiting your turn. So Sha and I did just that and not even 10 minutes later I was called. Not only did I try on 5 gowns but the assistant also picks out dresses that seem to match your taste, budget, etc.. plus you can try on as many as you want for an hour & a half. I had three top choice but the one pictured (right) stood out from the rest in terms of how well I wore it.

The best thing about the visit was there was no pressure to buy, and in fact Olga the assistant I worked with said that I should try on dresses elsewhere to see what was out there and if I really felt the dress I liked was 'the' dress I would be back. So they give you a paper with the names, dress #s & prices of the ones you want to remember. Of course you can also buy on the spot if you like. You can also come back and re-try the dress or other ones, but any visits after the first they do advise that you make an appointment so that you can work with your same assistant.

This was a great experience, I was very surprised (as specially as a bigger gal), but at the same time I was not nervous at all. Probably because it just all happened and was not planned. Only one bad thing.... only photographs of the dress you are purchasing is allowed. So that's why I've attached the dress photo from the website of the company who makes it.

This was my second dress choice. I liked the way it 'gave' me boobs! lol

Sha's Favorites

First Choice....

Second Choice....

Third Choice.....


  1. It actually seems like it would hurt them to not let you photograph yourself in other dresses. I can kind of understand that they don't want you to take a pic and then go elsewhere and have someone make the dress for you, but at the same time, if you're trying to decide between 2 or 3 choices, you might want to show the pics to friends and ask which one you look better in. It makes no difference if Beyonce` looks good in this dress if it doesn't fit ME.

  2. lol... they just SUCK!!!! lol
    I really liked the assistant who worked with me though. She's been doing the job almost 30 years and she was lovely.