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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flowers, Take II.

Yesterday we finally met with our second prospective florist (Melissa of 'Stylish Blooms', the first didn't pan out due to higher cost plus just looking at pictures of flowers just doesn't cut it. I'm not sure if that's the way it works but I wouldn't just have magazines & flower charts to show prospective clients. At any rate, the second florist we met was the total opposite. Not only did she have books to show, including her own, but she also came to us with the flowers we said we were thinking of having (gerbera daisies). She had created a bouquet for us to see, as well as two types of boutonnieres. She also had lose daisies to show us a different design we could have for our daughter's bouquet. Lastly, she had a bag filled with vases, ribbons, pendants, jewels, beads, color swatches and more. She also shared with us pictures she had taken of the bouquet with two colored ribbons.

By the time she was done we had the opportunity to see bouquets, boutonnieres, and a centerpiece. What was also great was that she came to meet us at our venue so that she could see the space we were using. In doing so we were able to see how the centerpieces would look in the space and she was also able to meet our catering manager who asked for her business cards.

I may not be much of a flower person, but I can tell when a business is going to continue to 'bloom'.

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