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Monday, May 17, 2010

Wedding Gown Shopping... Day 2

So off we go to David's Bridal for our second go at finding 'the' dress. As our own official wedding planners we have come across many a horror story when it comes to David's Bridal (DB). So of course we tried to g with an open mind and not let those stories cloud our judgement.

Well in all honesty our visit was not that bad. Yes, we would have liked the one to one attention that we got at RK Bridal but they try, and just can't since it's more of a 'factory shopping' kind of place. Don't let the nice decor fool ya. At any rate the assistant we had started out attentive until they have her other clients to work with as the same time as us. We ended up helping each other try on dresses (good thing we had back to back appointments), while our assistant pretty much just went and brought to us things she thought my work.

At the end of the experience both and Sha and I had the feeling we had found our dresses. Notice that I didn't say 'THE' dress.

Here are the dresses we tried:::

Sha's Dress Up

Dai's Dress Up


  1. So of these, which ones are you liking more? They all look pretty darn snazzy.

  2. My favorite on you is #7. Its so pretty on you. For Sharine its # 1. You two look so pretty I am so sorry I missed it :(. But we cant be more happy for you two ladies.


  3. Shannon::: We didn't purchase yet because we really wanted to sleep on it. Sha's favorites were #1 & #4, but she is leaning more towards 4 because it would go really well with our venue. We realize it also compliments the one I would go with and that is #5. I think that one actually gave me a shape and boobs. I like boobs! lol

    Angie::: My favorite for Sha was #1 as well. Maybe if we were doiing a church wedding she would have chosen it. As for me, the one you said was #7 is actually number #4 (I posted the front & back of each) which was my favorite for me. Sha's reaction to me in that dress was priceless & it still is. She keeps saying "I love your dress". lol

  4. Wow Very nice I like #2 or 4 for Sha and #5 for Dana