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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Bands Are Here!

Ring shopping wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Sharine had purchased my engagement ring in 2005 at a jewelry store that went out of business a few years ago. The ring, which has three diamonds strategically cut and when placed together forms a heart, is one of a kind (well at least we've never even seen anything close to it). So of course this made us think we were going to have a hard time finding a band for it. We couldn't be any more wrong. On our first day out we found a great match, and even though we didn't purchase it right away we would go back to that store in the diamond district (NYC) and buy the band for me.

Although Sharine's engagement ring actually had a matching band when I initially purchased it I only had purchasing an engagement ring in mind. The ring, which has small diamonds clustered together to form what looks like a bouquet touched my heart as soon as I saw it. I envisioned myself proposing to her and placing this bouquet of diamonds on her finger as I asked her to be my wife. Even though I knew she hadn't wanted an engagement ring and would only wear a band after we got married, I couldn't not officially ask her to be my wife and place a ring of commitment on her finger. As we looked for a matching band for her ring I remembered that I had seen one already at Zales where I had bought her engagement ring so when we finally had a chance to go there they still had it and so this was the ring Sharine decided on.

All in all it was one of the easiest wedding purchases we have made thus far!

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