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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Start

Back in August 09 right before we went on vacation we decided that when we got back we were going to seriously begin to plan our wedding. So as soon as we got back we hit the ground running and began to look at venues. Here's what happened in September 09...

09/18/09::: Visited our 1st two venues, both in the same day..Illi & 202.
Illi, too small....202 old smell, a visit by a waterbug!
09/25/09::: Visted Sha's friend's community center.... to small, to dirty, no class to it.
09/26/09::: Visted a B & B called Sugarhill. Nice place, but way to small and not the look we are going for.
09/29/09::: Visited Elizabeth, cute. This place has a bar area, lounge area, and an indoor/outdoor garden. The roof slides open to let in natural light and air. I loved the decor and there are some perks. We no venue fee, no cake cutting fee, we can use their table vases for free. There is ipod capability or we can have a dj. Only down side, there are two skulls that are the base of two lamps when you come into the space. My thought is to put some flowers on them to cover it

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