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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Seen one, seen em' ALL...

Wedding Expos...

I'm not sure if I am really digging em'. I mean back in 08' I was a maid of honor and my fiance and I both went with them to the 'Great Bridal Expo' in NYC Marriott Hotel in Times Square. On this day it was kind of cool seeing all that was being offered for engaged couples although I wasn't digging the crowds. However, my fiance I attended again this year since now we were the couple planning our own wedding.

Well I don't know what I expected, but geeeesshhh it was just yucky. Not that anything had changed, except we saw a few vendors I didn't remember seeing last year, but maybe that was just 'it'. Nothing new, exciting, or fresh seem to intrigue us and we ended up sitting down just relaxing until the fashion show began. Luckily, they had some cool wedding bands there to entertain us and the fashion was 'okay' or else it would have been a total bore.

Since then we have given two more a try because they were being hosted by different companies and at different venues. The first we checked out was at the Astor Center because we wanted to really see if the venue it's self was for us. The venue turned out not to be ($$$$$), and the expo it's self was quaint and cute. The set up was so much better but most of what was being offered was not for the 'budget' bride like ourselves.

The second expo we gave a try was 'The Wedding Salon' at the Roosevelt Hotel not far from Grand Central Station. Another expo geared towards the rich & richer, and really just a horrible set up. Mass confusion, no crowd control, and just ugh. The best thing about that one was they had nice table displays.... if you could get close enough to see one!

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