The count down has begun....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Say "ccchhheeeeesssseeee!!!!"


We found our guy. Our photographer that is.

You ever meet someone for the first time and feel like old friends?!?!? Well that's what happened when we met Jared of 'J & J Photography'. He was so down to earth and we laughed, and we joked and we just LIKED him.

Now of course we always have to 'think' & 'discuss' before finalizing any kind of business with someone. We also have to read the contract, including the fine prints and then 'sleep' on it.

Well the moment we walked out of Jared's place we 'knew'. But, we slept on it... and a few days later the contract was signed!!!!

~ and yes, his work is GOOD... he had plenty to share ~

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