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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where is our darn invitations?!?!?

So yesterday we went on an invitation hunt. We got a lead on how Walmart has some great prices on invitations that actually look good and all you have to do is buy the kits and print them yourself. Now see to me that not only sounds like a bargain, but doable. I guess however, you can't always believe what you read even though your leads are coming from other brides who were successful in coping their Walmart invites.

Unfortunately, Sha and I can not even come close to saying the words "Houston, we have our invites!". Although we love Walmart, don't get me wrong, they just don't have anything worth even spending $30 on in terms of invites. Now I'm all for a bargain, but the product has to at least LOOK good even if I find out later that it isn't.

Since first impressions are lasting impressions, we are just not Walmart invitation buyers!

So off to Michael's (the craft store) we go.

At Michael's again we didn't see any weddng invitation kits to our liking. So we headed on over to the DIY aisle (aka/Card Making/Scrapbooking aisle). Here we became dazed and confused. I mean there was nothing that scream THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!!! for the newbie card makers we would be. So after about an hour of looking, and reading, and discussing, and inspecting, I found myself becoming more and more discouraged. My whole mood changed and I began to realize that this is how poor folks who want to get married but don't have a create DIY bone in their body end up spending tons of money they don't really have.

So off to online invitation shopping we go.....

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