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Thursday, April 22, 2010

To have & to hold....

Thus far the most interesting part of our wedding planning for me has been finding someone to marry us. Since we aren't 'members' of a church (although we go from time to time), I didn't feel right about getting married in a church. At any rate, before we were going to be legally married (NYC isn't legal, but CT is) I hadn't given much thought to who would perform the ceremony. We began to search online (like we do with most anything else) and found out that 'celebrants' will gladly perform commitment ceremonies. Of course the first thing I need to do was become familiar with what a celebrant was, and once I got over that hump I was all for it.

So we began by looking at a few websites and emailing celebrants about their availability for our wedding date. Once the initial contact was made & we found out our date was available we started to meet prospective masters of our ceremony lol. Although the meetings themselves went well I was actually struck by the 'cost' of hiring a celebrant. The price range we encountered was from $600-$5,000+. Thus far out of 3 candidates we have said not thank you to 1 (Ms. $5,000+ who's cheapest package was $1,150 & darn it you didn't even get a keepsake of the ceremony, no rehearsal, nada!). Another we liked but at $800 I kind of feel like I would be paying for for that than my wedding band which would be cheaper and at least I get to keep my wedding band for life!! Now the third, which is the least expensive was nice but didn't seem as professional as the other two. You could tell that although she may be great, she is still learning her craft... even in terms of selling her service and making you believe she is 'your' girl.

So as it stands now..... we may be marrying ourselves for FREE!! lol

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