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Thursday, April 22, 2010

As the Venue Search Continues

As October rolled in we continued our venue search......

11/02/09::: City Hall Restaurant....this was a nice space, but dark because it's in the lower level of the restaurant & has no windows. The price is one of the cheapest we've come across but it just didn't give us that 'feeling'. Besides, our date was already booked.

11/06/09::: Tasting... The Inn @ Irving Place... yum! We enjoyed all 6 courses and it's very us, but very different in terms of the people we know. I would love to use this venue for that reason, it's so 'us'. I know you have to make your guest happy but for all the money a wedding cost the couple's happiness should be the 1st priority. It's our memories that need to be preserved.

11/08/09::: As we wait to hear from venues we decided to go forward with researching caterers since we really liked the Seamen's Church. Since this venue only provides the space, tables & chairs.... a catering cost would be inevitable. Of course with a low budget we couldn't even dream of having a decent caterer. At any rate I've emailed me all of the ones this venue works with and boy oh boy the cost is CRAZY! ..and just think some of them probably have terrible food!

11/13/09::: WOW! I was emailing back & forth with a catering company (Steven Brown Caterers, contact person Denise is lovely) and we were able to get the cost of a $12,000+ package down to $10,000+, then down to $9,000+. We were told they could find MORE ways to cut cost if we came in for a consultation so that they can see exactly what is important to us for our wedding. Low and behold we are now at $6,000+ for food, non alcoholic beverages & mixers, linens, tableware, cooking equipment and staff. We are saving by supplying our own liquor & supplying our own cake. We also save buy not having water glasses on the table, not renting martini glasses and other things they charge you for & you may not need. We can get water at the bar, and have a cocktail drink that requires an all purpose glass. Heck we're gonna do the linen napkins but if we did paper we'd save $114. Who knew?!?! lol

11/13/09::: Visited The Ketch this evening since we already had the appointment before narrowing it down to our top two places. This is nice place if your looking for more of a casual affair. The prices are EXCELLENT for a New York Venue. It was about $70 a person for food & drinks. The 1st floor space is more elegant than the lower level, but the lower level is more private. Not sure if having a ceremony there would be as nice though. The reception would be nice.

11/17/09::: Still waiting on two proposals. One place is an Inn & requires no hiring of a catering company, no decorations, just music. The other is a blank canvas so to speak but with tables & chairs. This requires a caterer, decorations, music. We both have the same favorite and are going back for a second visit this evening. I'm hoping the stars are lining up properly and in the words of Michael Jackson "THIS IS IT!" lol.

11/21/09::: We still haven't gotten a proposal from either of our top 2 venues. Uphm!!!

11/28/09::: A sad kind of day.... we decided to change our date. There are certain things we just really don't want to skimp on so we are saving for a longer period of time. We are not going mark our 10th year together with a 10-10-10 wedding, but instead get married either late summer or early fall of 2011.

11/30/09::: Met `M (Minwin of 'life magical'), a prospective photographer. We loved his quirky personality and he was so upbeat....we're hiring him for sure!

With a change of day I was a little sad, but sure we would find and even better venue in the long run.

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