The count down has begun....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Showers, Bring.... *smiles*.... 6 months and 17 days later!!

4/1/10::: We received our contract revision and are ready to sign. We plan on vising the site again for the signing this upcoming weekend. Things are finally looking UP in terms of finding the right venue for our budget...and we're so glad we have finally found our venue.

4/3/10::: So we decided to take an unscheduled visit back out to our venue, to take another look see and sign the contract in person. In this day & age of faxing it wasn't a requirement. However, if I'm spending my hard earned money I'd prefer to do so IN PERSON! With all that said... we FINALLY booked a venue. All it took was 6 months and 17 days!! lol

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