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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hitting The Ground Running

Once we decided to get married, we wasted no time hitting the venue circuit....

10/03/09::: Visited The Park. NICE!!! Indoor/Outdoor feel. Three celebration spaces to choose from. We liked the 'park' area for the ceremony and the lounge for cocktails & dancing. We were also able to taste the food. We LOVED every dish!!! We are awaiting the cost for what we would want.

10/4/09::: STRESS = no venue found yet!

10/05/09::: Bridal Expo @ The Marriott. Nice fashion show, but booths were pretty boring. Two good things came out of it, we registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond...and we tasted a GREAT cupcake & may consider that bakery for our wedding.

10/06/09::: Visited the Cellar Bar, lovely pricey for something that didn't 'inspire' us.

10/07/09::: Today we received the proposal/cost from The Park. WHOA!!! $12,427 and we just have to say "no thank you". It is with sadness because it was a great place. However, at that rate we won't have money for dresses, a photographer, a dj or other hidden cost. Disappointed.

10/8/09::: We had to decline our firts venue offer because it was WAY over budget. It broke my heart, day we will find what's right for us. Back to the drawing board....

10/10/09::: One year from today we will be getting married. The clock is really ticking now!

10/19/09:::@ Elizabeth again, tasted their food. It was GOOD. Out of about 10 dishes we really BOTH liked 8. We have put in a menu/beverage package request and await the dollars & cents of it all.

10/21/09::: Visited The Inn @ Irving Place, beautiful. It's got an old school charm in the ceremony/dinner area, and a lounge & let's get this party started feel in it's reception area. We would not need any table flowers, we can use theirs for free and there is no space rental fee or cake cutting fee. We can also book a room there at the lowest cost & will receive an upgrade to a better room.

10/21/09::: Also today, we received the cost for Elizabeth. At $10,206 it is $2,221 cheaper than our 1st venue proposal from The Park. I am not sure if we we will even find anything cheaper here in this city! We are thinking on it.

10/22/09::: We have received the menus for The Inn @ Irving Place and have put in our request for food & beverage packages. Now we are awaiting the proposal/cost. This is the nerve wrecking part & it make me impatient! lol

10/28/09::: 6 days later and still no proposal...ummmm. Today we finally received an email stating we would have the $$ & cents of it all tomorrow. 6 DAYS LATER!?!?!? .... at any rate we made appointments to see two more venues during this 6 DAY wait because the quiteness was killing me lol, sooooo tomorrow & Friday we will be on the prowl again.

10/29/09::: FINALLY... a return email. Prices are still crazy (but hey it's NYC) however, it's cheaper than we thought it would be, Our next step.... the tasting.

10/30/09::: Another venue here we come..... Seamen's Church. This one turned out to be our favorite. Three spaces: chapel for the ceremony, gallery for the cocktail hour, large party space with wrap around outdoor balcony for the reception. Bad news: $4,300 + $1,000 (refundable if you don't trash the place) = spaces, tables and chairs. Even if you only use one of the spaces the price is still the same! We can't afford it.

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